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Throw Together came about after another day went by without an RPG session; with only one of my friends online available to play, I despaired that there were so few simple, low-prep games that were suitable for two-players. The next day, I started writing this game, so that we'd have something to do in future!

I designed this with both face-to-face and online play in mind, so it requires little in the way of other resources and relies heavily on the improv & story-telling skills of the players. The main buy-ins you'll need are first, a familarity with the genre of 'screwball comedy romance' and second, a willingness to play romantic scenes. I advise a quick talk about lines & veils before you begin playing: whatever is over the line for you stays out of the game completely, but you can draw a veil over things you would just rather not portray in detail.

The resources you'll need for the game are:

TT Assistant & Tycoon, etc: each pair of titles is a sheet with two Partner playbooks on it; each Partner is a suggested character you can play in the game, with prompts for filling in their backstory and guidance for creating a story around them. You can mix and match the Partners in any combination you like: the pairs they appear in are not intended to be a suggestion for play.

TT Rulesx2: the basic rules are small enough to fit onto half a page of A4, so they are presented twice here; print them onto the back of the Partner sheets, cut along the middle and voila! You have a set of playsheets with the rules on one side and a playable character on the other.

TT Love Triangle+: since there are sometimes three friends at a loose end, looking for a quick game to play, this sheet presents some rules modifications that turns Thrown Together into a three-player game.


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TT Alien & Paragon.pdf 68 kB
TT Assistant & Tycoon.pdf 68 kB
TT Lawyer & Witness.pdf 69 kB
TT Love Triangle+.pdf 50 kB
TT Rascal & Superstar.pdf 68 kB
TT Rulesx2.pdf 49 kB
TT Spy & Rebel.pdf 68 kB
TT Stripper & Bodyguard.pdf 69 kB

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